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Union Station Exhibit Review

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Union Station Kansas City Inc.

February 23 


A wonderful review of THE ART OF THE BRICK left on our Facebook Page by a recent visitor, Lila Johnson, and shared with permission:

"I recently attended the presentation of THE ART OF THE BRICK at the Union Station in Kansas City. Going on a Tuesday, away from crowds with the ability to take in the experience, this is what I found.

It was a visually appealing exhibit that will awaken not only the child within but the desire to create. Nathan Sawaya did not allow his work as a lawyer to deter his passion to explore, build and push the human need to discover.

With over a hundred large-scale sculptures in the exhibit, you will be amazed that Nathan had the insight to take LEGO bricks and create a new art form.  It also shows what determination and the belief in what you love can do to make one happy.

My favorites? Nefertiti-1,675 bricks, Courtney(yellow)-3,300 bricks, Swimmer, it took 15 days to create with 10,980, Long Ago-Dinosaur skeleton, the largest sculpture he’s ever made took an entire summer and used 80,020 bricks and finally Yellow, a man with his chest open, using 11,014. Don’t miss the special commissioned piece that Nathan made for Kansas City!

Thumbs up to the management of Union Station for bringing such brilliant exhibits to enlighten us."

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