London and Paris have been a wonderful, exciting, and exhausting experience for Sissy, but now it’s time to return to the real world and get on with living. During her return flight to the United States, a handsome stranger approaches Sissy, giving her a reason to see life in a new way. With the thought of having Robert to return to, Sissy becomes anxious, feeling pulled in many directions emotionally. With her health on an upward swing, and her body attracting more than a mere glance from a passerby, is this a sign that it’s time for change?


Angela has made some new discoveries of her own—the pursuit to move forward with her design career and the desire to add an exercise program to increase her weight loss. Angela’s love life introduces a new man who entices a twinkle in her eye and a secret admirer who drops hints to his identity, but it all slips by Ms. Smarty-Pants.


All alone, at least without the support and advice of her friends, Nicki remains in Paris as the company she works for, Amalgamated Shipping, embarks on its merger in the City of Lights. With the help of her boss, Mr. Stevens, she will have to determine if she wants to challenge herself and her life or continue on the easy and safe road. Ermenegilde is delighted that Nicki will be around. He has become very smitten with the beautiful, smart American who has helped him find life enjoyable again. But has she become too sexy for herself as she continues to drop the pounds and tone up?


The Fat Girls Club: The Queen of Hearts - Autographed


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