Europe isn’t safe when the girls from Kansas City bring all their weight and sass across the pond to London and Paris.


​When the plane lands at Heathrow Airport, with the help of Sissy’s handsome brother, the women receive a history lesson on life in the U.K.—the land of kings, queens, and the London Bridge with all the king’s men.

But it’s not until Nicki, Sissy, and Angela make their way to Paris, France that tempers flare, weight issues come to light, and the land of ooh-la-la taps someone’s heart.

When a deep and painful secret is revealed, the test of true friendship is on the line. Will the Fat Girls Club heal and move past the hurt, or is it doomed to go down in a forkful of cheesecake?

The Fat Girls Club: Paris Bound - Autographed


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