Zydeco Music and New Orleans Flavor

If you can’t travel to the Big Easy for a taste of New Orleans food head to the next best place, Roux.

This restaurant opened in late March, 2017 and has already gained a nice following of foodies that are looking for something new. My visit took place on a Thursday evening, so that I could enjoy my meal without feeling rushed by a weekend crowd.

Right away I liked the décor, simple, not overstated with an open space design that makes you feel welcome once you step past the hostess station. There’s two bars, one downstairs, the other upstairs in a nice lounge area with a retro feel.

I started with a cup of red beans and rice as an appetizer. With the help of my waitress, I chose the Bayou Sampler; jambalaya, crawfish étouffée and boudin boulettes, each a one cup serving. She substituted the seafood gumbo for the serving of red beans and rice since I had it earlier. By far, the crawfish étouffée was my favorite with enough heat to make me close one eye like Popeye the Sailor and say “Yeah baby!”

The boudin boulettes are so good. The spicy remoulade that’s served with them had my toes curling in my shoes.

Now I will admit, I’m not a fan of jambalaya or gumbo but I gave it a try. Believe or not, I enjoyed the gumbo then and two days later after I took it home. The ingredients really melded after sitting in the refrigerator. I found that after heating it up I loved it so much that I wanted more.

Don’t you dare leave Roux without trying the Nola Beignets. Mine where fresh, hot and dusted with so much powder sugar that I thought I was in the Swiss Alps. I couldn’t eat them fast enough and loved every bite. They were so light and flavorful that I would have bitten someone’s hand if they had tried to take one off my plate!

Greg Shea, head chef and one part of the dynamic duo of Roux, is down to earth and a pleasure to know. During our one on one conversation, I could tell that he truly believes in his craft and looks for new ways to make his meals better for his customers.

Overall: Great atmosphere and food that makes you wish you were in the Big Easy. I will return to Roux, in Clarksville, TN for more boudin boulettes and beignets! 

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