The Glory Days of Distilling

Have you ever come across a place that wasn't on your list to visit but you said, "Why not?" and took a chance? That's what happened when I visited Old Glory Distilling Company. Now mind you, I'm a Riesling type of girl. Yes, I love my wine but this looked like such an interesting place that I took the chance on a late Tuesday afternoon to check it out. I will tell you, it was the most interesting and informative tour I have been on in a long time. It also helped that I was the only person so it turned out to be a private tour.

T.J. was not only an excellent guide, but an encyclopedia of knowledge regarding the "grain to glass" theory. He spoke of the cooking process and what a "mash bill" is. We discussed the requirements of fermentation, the difference in using a copper pot and the gleaming silver column system. Because of him, I now understand the meaning of "heads, hearts and tails" and the last stage of production, barreling/bottling. 

He also discussed the importance of the different casks and how they affect the aging process of what they are producing that day.

By the time the tour was over, I was ready to roll up my sleeves to start working there myself. The plant is very clean with great lighting allowing you to see all the features discussed. This company is only six months old and produces only three products; Jumpers Stash, Smooth Shine and Tennessee Vodka.

There is a fee for the tour but the five dollars can be redeemed with a purchase of product or clothing.

Overall: As a distilling company, I think that Old Glory is well on its way to making a fine name for itself.

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