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Hello. I’m Lila Johnson, author of The Fat Girls Club and the web page,


In recent days, I’ve had a wonderful influx of people requesting to be placed on my newsletter page. While doing so, I have found that I have been unsubscribed by some of you.

What many of you were not aware of is that I use to be listed on a website page called Writerspace where I registered my books and held contests. Two months ago, I decided to breakout on my own, taking my guest list with me to post my own newsletters.

What I found is that no one recognized me as that same person and began to unsubscribe me.


Now that you are connecting with me, I have to ask for a resubscribe through Constant Contact. For some of you, they have sent a message in your email or spam folder to approve my request.


In the meantime, until those requests are updated, I will manually submit you for any of the upcoming contests and manually send the latest monthly newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future as the newsletter expands to receive feedback from you, fans of my books and webpage.

Thank you for your patience in this matter,


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