Of Design and Prayer

Visiting the Cloisters was a first for me as I continue to travel in celebration of the big year of the big birthday. The presentation, Heavenly Bodies Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, was splendid.

With the Hudson River in Fort Tryon Park as a backdrop, the cloisters as a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the integral cloister gardens; Bonnefont, Cuxa and Trie that opened in 1938, is like history being retold through fashion.

The Heavenly Bodies exhibit explores the creativity of the designers “…conveyed through their narrative impulses.” With the use of the building and the clothes presented, the feel of each piece is in balance with the area that it is displayed in.

Overall: This is one exhibition that should not be missed. It began May 10 and will continue until October 8, 2018.

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