Lila Meets Layla

Most people despise Monday’s but I love them. They offer a chance to explore a new area while everyone else is at work. On this particular day, Layla’s was on the list as I sought out the best hamburgers in St. Louis.

Nestled in a neighborhood location, I was greeted immediately once I stepped inside. Opting for a low top (table) opposed to the high tops that make me feel like a little kid, I had the back of the restaurant to myself since the lunch rush was over. I love talking to people, and this allowed Sara, my waitress, to answer any questions I had regarding the menu.

I ordered the Time Bomb; a craft blend burger, hickory smoked bacon topped with a beer battered onion ring, Monterey jack, BBQ sauce, lemon garlic mayo, house pickled jalapenos all piled onto a brioche bun along with the choice of one side.

The meal was visually appealing. After one taste of the French fries dipped in apricot ketchup, the crunch won me over. When I bit into my burger, I heard a rhapsody of music-or was that the soundtrack of some 90’s song being played overhead? Seriously, my toes curled with delight. This was a not only a visual treat but a pleasurable feast for my taste buds.

Overall: Sara G. was a great waitress. All sauces are made in house. Voted “Best Vegan” restaurant, they are also known for serving Shawarma. When I return to St. Louis, Layla will be at the top of my list for a visit.

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