Inside A Jewel

A Monday morning of full of shapeless, dense clouds beckoned escape from my cracker box dwelling to explore a church. Not just any church but the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

With a Romanesque exterior, your senses will delight in the Byzantine interior.

Upon entering, pause in the vestibule to view the mosaics that portray the life of Saint Louis IX, King of France. This is just a sample of the intense beauty and architectural design that takes place in the historic Bay and Dome, the Central and Sanctuary Dome, each with a different story told of the creation to the last judgement. Images of Jesus’ baptism and Ascension to heaven are told in the West Transept whereas Christ’s resurrection and His appearance to Mary and His disciples can be viewed in the East Transept.

After attending Mass (no tours are allowed during this time) I was lucky enough to attend a 1:00 tour to learn the history of the Basilica. Details such as 83,000 square feet of mosaics were created by 20 different artists that began in 1912 and was completed in 1988 by the Ravenna Mosaic Co. There is a mosaics museum you can tour for a 2.00 donation that provides more information and detail about this audacious task.

Overall: This free and stunning landmark is one not to miss. 

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