High Five to 5 Star Burgers

For anyone who has read any of my reviews, you know that I love exploring not only big cities and famous places but the out of way small town favorites. My newest find is 5 Star Burgers. A middle of the week, one p.m. after lunch crowd visit gave me a chance to check out the restaurant without feeling rushed.

As I stepped in the door, the manager, Chrissie, greeted me with a wide smile and hearty welcome. Angie, my server, was just as pleasant as she explained the menu choices while informing me that the meat is ground fresh daily and cooked to order.

The Gateway burger with a side of fries was my choice. Not only did the presentation look great, it was what I had searched the town for; a juicy, thick and great tasting burger.

I have to admit I voiced my opinion with a loud, “Oh my goodness!” that caused the staff to break out in laughter. 5 Star Burgers has a seven day a week, 4-6 Happy Hour that I had to try.

Being a lover of Riesling, I ordered a glass of one that was new to me, Snoqualmie. The select menu gave me a chance to not only have a little 5 Star Burger but to try out the fried chicken sliders with a side of onion rings. This is a great way to something new that won’t empty your wallet.

What’s the best way to round out a meal? Have a mini scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone. Not only does it evoke feelings of childhood but it’s a fun way to bring the evening to an end.

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