Edible Jewels

Laduree macarons are an edible, delicate treat. I found them on a whim while awaiting a return flight from Paris to Washington then to the Midwest. I happened to look up and found myself staring at a shop that I thought was a jewelry store. It was bright white, as crystals and chandeliers hung from the ceiling. My writer’s curiosity caused me to seek and find out about the place. I was shocked to find sweets displayed like fine jewels in a showcase. Even the staff wore white dresses and looked like models.

I dared to purchase two macarons. I had tried another brand that my sister had insisted on and found them too sweet. As I stepped out of the shop, I bit into a lemon flavored one. My taste buds danced with delight and screamed for more. Even my reluctant sister who stood true to the other brand was converted. I went back for more and watched as airline pilots carried out large boxes of macarons in handle bags. I purchased one of Laduree’s whimsical boxes and had it filled with these delights.

The sad thing is, at that time, you could only find Laduree overseas which made the chase fun and special. Now there are ten U.S. stores as of this writing with more to come. Oh well, it was bound to happen.

Overall: Laduree macarons are best eaten the day of purchase. As each day passes the taste and quality diminishes. They are pricey but worth a one-time splurge.

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