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Hello Readers!

Well I have good news and bad. So, let’s start with the good stuff. I’ve chosen the winners of the July contest. There are two extra names because I had a change of heart while selecting the winners. Drum roll please!

Congratulations to:

- Dora M.

- Sylvester Y.

- Marilyn W.

- Candie L.

- Beth S.

- Kriss K.

I will notify the above that they have won. As in past contests, if there is no response, I have secondary winners chosen.

Now the next part of the news:

I will pull the monthly contest changing it to celebrate special occasions only. The decision was made due to the work involved; shopping, notifying winners, packing and shipping the gifts. I understand that everyone is busy with jobs, family and life in general. With so many reports of ‘porch pirates’ stealing packages, my staff and I have tried to contact people through email more than once to make sure their gifts are okay. We may get one or two responses which can be disappointing. My question to you the readers is, would you rather receive a phone call instead of an email? I’d would like to hear from you.

In the meantime, the next giveaway will take place in September as I celebrate my sons upcoming wedding. At that time, I will choose 10, yes 10 winners! After all, it is a celebration!

So, check back in mid-August for photos of the Wedding Giveaway Gift Bonanza and submit your name to be one of my winners.

Enjoy the final weeks of summer,


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