A Pleasant Time for Tea

As the big birthday travel continues, I jetted off to New York City for a whirlwind two-day fun trip of discovery.

As a belated birthday gift, my sister treated me to afternoon tea at the St. Regis. She ordered the Lady Astor’s Tea among others listed. It is said that Lady Caroline Astor reigned as the social leader of the 1890’s during what was known as the Gilded Age. If you were lucky enough to be a part of her group, “The 400” also known as “The Patriarchs,” you were considered what she called, “The Old New York.”

The following are my thoughts of this pleasant experience.


We were seated promptly but it took our server at least ten minutes to acknowledge us prior to taking our order.

The presentation of the meal was pleasing with a sense that there was plenty to eat.

I tried the tropical oolong tea. Its light fruity flavor did not disappoint.

We were able to substitute the Scottish smoked salmon for more egg salad sandwiches which turned out to be very light and tasty.

With the raisin and traditional scones, I was delighted to find that double Devonshire cream and lemon curd were served. My sister loved the fruit preserve that accompanied our meal.

Regarding the sweets, my favorites were the Lemon tartelette with toasted meringue and Dark chocolate mousse presented in edible cups.

The harpist added a refined, soft, musical background giving the experience more pleasure.


I was disappointed that our server was not more attentive. In most tea rooms that I’ve attended, the hostess would explain the items that are presented on the tray to prepare you for your meal. Our server just placed the items on the table and off he went. Twice he stopped by after long intervals to see if we needed anything. By that time, it was too late because another server, Kenny, had already cared for our needs of more water for the tea and removal of dirty plates. It just felt like our server was there because he had to and couldn’t wait to leave.

The area is one for dining and not just for afternoon tea. Others were having lunch which distracted the mood of “afternoon tea.”

Overall: I would still suggest the St Regis for tea for its food. You are sure to leave full and satisfied.

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