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Updated: Jun 17, 2018

If you love books like I do, check out Strand in New York City. Their motto states, “18 miles of books,” but all I know is that they have some fun stuff.

The minute I stepped through the door my eyes and brain went into color and sensory overload. On a table were tote bags galore. I’m a sucker for a cute, great or unique tote and they have them. If that weren’t enough, I had to go through their buttons and found some for my collection especially the one that says, “Broken Hearts Book Club.”

Talk about postcards! It doesn’t get any better than Strand’s wall of cards for every type of personality. Along the way I picked up a couple of waving hands, one black the other white, just to be fair. Then I added the ‘pizza’ ink pen to my other finds.

Oh, did I ever mention the books? They have a lot; new, used unique, collectable and everything in between.

Overall: I couldn’t work here because I would pretend to shelve books just so I could check out all the other stuff.

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