A Blessing in Disguise

A canceled Valentines luncheon opened the door to a new discovery-1419 Mercantile.

I refused to spend the day bummed out and found a pleasant experience at this shop.

This is the type of local coziness that I love to find in businesses during my travels. With unique pieces here, there and everywhere, your eyes are on constant alert. Soft pastels, antique whites, jewelry pieces and handmade quilts are some of the things I found that brightened up my day.

Shopkeeper, Susan Doughty, is a pleasant hostess, making you feel at home; never rushing you or making you feel as though you’re a bother. I finally settled on a charming tea set to celebrate not only Valentines Day but the release of my new book. 

Overall: If you need an unusual gift or something to add a touch of whimsy to brighten you home or office, 1419 Mercantile is just the place to find it.

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