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Fat Girls Club Book # 3
January 26, 2019

The Fat Girls Club:

The Queen of Hearts

London and Paris have been a wonderful, exciting, and exhausting experience for Sissy, but now it’s time to return to the real world and get on with living.


During her return flight to the United States, a handsome stranger approaches Sissy, giving her a reason to see life in a new way. With the thought of having Robert to return to, Sissy becomes anxious, feeling pulled in many directions emotionally. With her health on an upward swing, and her body attracting more than a mere glance from a passerby, is this a sign that it’s time for change?

Angela has made some new discoveries of her own—the pursuit to move forward with her design career and the desire to add an exercise program to increase her weight loss. Angela’s love life introduces a new man who entices a twinkle in her eye and a secret admirer who drops hints to his identity, but it all slips by Ms. Smarty-Pants. 

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Fat Girls Club Book # 2
January 15, 2018

The Fat Girls Club: Paris Bound

Europe isn’t safe when the girls from Kansas City bring all their weight and sass across the pond to London and Paris.

When the plane lands at Heathrow Airport, with the help of Sissy’s handsome brother, the women receive a history lesson on life in the U.K.—the land of kings, queens, and the London Bridge with all the king’s men.

But it’s not until Nicki, Sissy, and Angela make their way to Paris, France that tempers flare, weight issues come to light, and the land of ooh-la-la taps someone’s heart.

When a deep and painful secret is revealed, the test of true friendship is on the line. Will the Fat Girls Club heal and move past the hurt, or is it doomed to go down in a forkful of cheesecake?

Fat Girls Club Book # 1
April 2, 2015
e-Book, Trade Size

The Fat Girls Club

Nicki Cole — It’s been five years since her last date. Besides her eight to five job, the only company she keeps is with her friends, Angela, Sissy and Turner Classic Movies. There must be more to life than this and she’s determined to find it.

Angela Thomas — Strong, sassy and a fighter. But when one deep love leaves her broken and bruised, it places her in a precarious position. Give up on love or die trying.

Sissy Bakersfield — A dialysis travel nurse that cares for patients in clinic and hospital settings all over the country. But at the end of the day who cares for her? Sometimes being strong can be very lonely.

This is the first book in the FAT GIRLS CLUB series.

December 29, 2013

You Need Love Like I Do

Astra Wilson is through with love. She no longer believes in the lie that patience, loyalty, and love leads to happiness. A drive to Pie Island, Georgia for a brief vacation and healing leads to possible disaster until an unsuspecting stranger steps in to save her.

Jackson Miller is happy in his life of work, work, and more work. After suffering a crushing blow from his fiancee of two years, he couldn’t care less about falling in love. But soon, he will have to emerge from his shell in order to save a stranger…and himself.

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